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I am a writer, a retired alternative high school teacher, an Audubon naturalist, and a haunt actor. I love science and I am sensibly skeptical, but my Buddhist practice and my connection to nature also informs my writing.


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Erring on the Side of Calamity


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You knew you shouldn’t have. But you went there anyway: A few seconds of thoughtless cruelty; an obsession indulged; the pursuit of that beautiful woman who’s just. .wrong.  Here are seventeen tales of faulty impulses and bad decisions that reaped horrifying results—and one where everything actually turns out well. Read, enjoy, and promise yourself you’ll carefully consider all your future choices.


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A hideously transformed creature, condemned to eternal hunger for human flesh he dare not satisfy.  His private hell in the woods of Rhode Island. His cruel partner in crime who escaped punishment and is now murdering his way across the country. An overextended demon caseworker trying to keep track of his ever-expanding case load of condemned souls. An outdoor haunted attraction on a local farm where all these factors disastrously converge--and two young, aspiring graphic novelists trying to get it down on paper.

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While attending the funerals for several family members lost in a fire, Sofia finds herself plagued with a bitter taste nothing can remove. A year later, she rescues a white snake trapped in her garden. The bitter taste disappears and Sofia discovers she has been given a gift: She can understand the speech of animals. This gift, however, comes with some heavy responsibilities. Three physical animal guides enter Sofia's life to help release her from her grief. Her dog, Jet, is exuberant and joyful while Afra, the doe, is an empathic, grieving mother. Anat, the vulture, is a harsh, sometimes terrifying teacher. Together, they help Sofia free herself so she can love again.

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